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Who Are We?

“A Church With A Purpose For God’s People and Kingdom”

Isaiah 14:24, Romans 8:28



Statement of Purpose

The Purposed Church mission is to save souls and change lives by preaching and teaching the Word of God. There are many broken-hearted, broken-spirited people in the world and our church has been called to provide a place of free Worship with a purpose for God's Kingdom. Our ministry will evangelize and outreach to the community and city. We will disciple and empower the people of God to go forth boldly living out their Christian Faith.


Vision Statement

·       To Worship and Serve God

·       To Save Souls For The Kingdom

·       To Change Lives by Teaching and Preaching The Word of God

·       To Evangelize and Outreach

·       To Disciple and Empower The People of God

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